Stourport Hockey Club

Registration is open!

The subscription payment capability will follow soon after. The kit shop will come after that, and the team sheets will be made available (to registered users) too, (once the season begins of course). All of this will take a little time. Please bear with us while we push through these updates.

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President’s Message

Welcome to our club. Hockey is a team game and can be played by both ladies and men of all ages and abilities, this awesome game has been a part of my life since I started playing at Stourport in 1978. It is here I met my husband and many lifelong friends. To still be playing and enjoying it is one thing, to be a part of a club that offers so much and is in touch with everyone at every level is fantastic. If you are looking to join a club where you can play at whatever level you desire and find a whole new bunch of friends at the same time come and see us. Our junior coaching is open to 7 years and above and we currently have several over 65’s so there are no limits ages wise and if you want back to basics we can offer this too. Parents, partners, supporters are all made very welcome and some of the best umpires and coaches have come from the side-line. We have a very successful club with members and past members playing for County, Midlands, England and Great Britain at every level.

One thing I can guarantee is you will be made to feel very welcome and see some great hockey.

Teri Baron