International Honours

To represent your country at a sport that you love must one of the proudest moments that you can have. Here is a list of players – past and present that have achieved just that. Please let us know if we have missed anyone off.

Alex Cook Eng U16/18 Notes
Ali Raza Pakistan
Andrew Langlands Eng U21
Ben CarlessWales
Ben Dudley Eng U18 and GBU21
Ben McKonkey Eng Jnrs
Cerys Preston Wales U18/21
Chloe Underwood Wales U18
Chris Griffiths Eng U18
Craig Parnham GB Also managed USA
Dan PackwoodWales
David BleachWales
David Knott Eng U18/21 O50'sO50's capt and World cup winner
David Owen EnglandGK Seoul Olympics 1984
Esme Gibson Eng U16
Gary Carlisle Zimbabwe
Georgina Bathhurst Eng U16
Gill Moss GB
Graham Iles England GK 1968
Guy Dale Smith Wales
Guy EdlinNew Zealand
Hannah Atkinson Eng U16
Howard Moore Eng U21
Hugh JonesWales
Ian EvansWales
Imram Sherwani Eng and GB1988 Olympic Gold Medalist
Imran YousafPakistan
Irfan YousafPakistan
Isobel Rosie Scot U18
James Carter Eng U18
James TaylorEng U16
Jamie WestermanWales
Jess Biddle Eng U16
John McPhun Zimbabwe
Jon Lee Eng U21
Jon Roberts Eng
Jon Willicombe Wales
Julie Whiting Wales
Katie Miller Eng O35
Kevin Roberts Wales
Laura Price Eng U18
Lorna MacKenzie Eng U18
Lottie Atkinson Eng U16
Luke Carless Wales Jnrs
Mark Edwards Eng U18 and GBU21
Mark Harradine Eng Jnrs Eng U21
Mark Moss Eng O35 Managed Wales and Eng O35s
Matt Ruxton Wales
Matthew Simkin Wales
Neil Stone England 060
Nicola Moss U16/18
Nigel Cubbage ENG Jnrs
Nick LewisWales
Owen Brotherton Wales
Owen Jones Wales
Paul Harradine  ENG Jnrs Eng U18
Pippa Lewis Eng U21
Rachel Clare Wales U18
Rhys Jones Wales
Richard John Wales
Richard Jones Wales
Richard Tattershaw New Zealand
Rob Allen Eng U16
Sally Smith Eng U16/18
Siena Horton Eng U16
Simon Clarris Eng U18
Steve Taylor Eng and GB
Stuart Hendy Eng U16
Tally Swinburne Wales U18
Tina Evans Wales
Tom Bertram GB
Tom Sherratt Eng U18 O40
Will Glover Eng Jnrs