Safe Guarding

Stourport Hockey Club believe all young people have the right to be safe and enjoy their involvement in hockey.   We have a strictly enforced Safeguarding Policy which all players, coaches and parents are directed to read and refer to if they have any concerns.  All safeguarding issues, queries or concerns should be directed to Hazel Claris, Welfare Officer – – 0771 9727574

We highly recommend that you and your child watch this short video – produced by the NSPCC called “My Magic Sports Kit” This video shows several children involved in different sports describing how the behaviour of parents and spectators deteriorates when they wear their ‘magic sports kit’ – that is, when they compete. The young people talk about a range of bad adult behaviours and how these negatively affect them. They then describe and promote positive behaviour. We hope you will find it very useful!

We Suggest that you familiarise yourself with these policies

Our Commitment to your child

Safeguarding and protecting young people – England Hockey (A policy that SHC are committed to)

Safeguarding Parent information

Protective Equipment

In the light of recent guidance from England Hockey, Stourport HC has reviewed its guidance with regards to use of facemasks. Facemasks can prevent serious injury and we recommend that they are worn at penalty corners, regardless of whether this is training or a competitive match. Stourport HC believe that the use of facemasks at penalty corners is a personal player decision, as with any other personal protective equipment, such as mouthguards, shinpads and gloves, and therefore will not provide facemasks for players.  Players have the right to refuse to defend penalty corners if they do not have the appropriate protective equipment with them. Parents and players are recommended to consider their own personal circumstances and if they feel they wish to purchase a facemask then they should do so. Individuals are responsible for sourcing, replacing (if damaged) and cleaning their own facemasks. Some parents have donated a few facemasks for use by youngsters, these are not classed as club owned, and therefore they are used at players own risk.

Code of Ethics

SHC is committed to the England Hockey Code of Ethics, they produce a number of documents, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with them.

Full Code of Ethics

Parents and Spectators

Code of behaviour


Coaches and Managers

Good Practice

England Hockey publish Best Practice Guidance for safeguarding and protecting young people involved in hockey. This guidance is followed by all our Committee members, coaches and volunteers. This guidance is available below and if you require any further information on any area of safeguarding, please contact Hazel.

Best practice recommended by England Hockey

Young people in senior teams

Junior development selection policy

Anti Bullying

SHC takes bullying very seriously, we are committed to ensure that no child feels bullied either mentally or physically by another player, coach or volunteer. Any concerns about bullying please contact Hazel.

Anti Bullying Guidance from England Hockey

Privacy Policy

We take privacy of all our members very seriously. We have a simplified privacy policy for our young members.